About the NPC payment schemes

The NPC payment schemes are based on the European Payments Council’s payments scheme. The NPC payments schemes has been developed in close collaboration with stakeholders from across the payment chain. The Schemes take effect when they are implemented by the user. The NPC Credit Transfer Scheme (published December 2019) and NPC Instant Credit Transfer Scheme (published now) are sets of rules, practices and standards to achieve interoperability for credit transfer agreed at interbank level for the currencies covered by the scheme, either as so-called batch payments or instant payments. The rulebooks are written on a conceptual level. In addition to the rulebook, there can be local market practices, additional agreements from the CSMs, technology suppliers or other parties.

About the Nordic Payments Council

The Nordic Payments Council (NPC) manage the Nordic payment schemes that facilitate payments within the Nordic countries. The main objective for the NPC is to contribute to harmonised payments in the Nordics. The NPC is a not-for-profit association formed and funded by members; combining the Nordic bankers’ associations, banks and payment institutions covered by the PSD2 directive. By following the SEPA payment schemes as much as possible the NPC also facilitates a stronger integration between the Nordic currencies and the euro-zone in the payments area. For further information please visit: www.nordicpaymentscouncil.org


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