e-engagement is a digital solution used to transfer customers between banks. The solution was setup to ensure easy and smooth processes between financial institutions and to give customers the quickest options for changing financial institutions.

NemKonto (Easy Account) is owed and run by the Danish Agency for Digitisation, but financial institutions play an important role in relation to helping citizens and companies with setting up and changing NemKonto. In this way, financial institutions contribute to ensuring data quality in the NemKonto register.

See more on the Agency for Digitisations homepage:NemKonto.

Criminals have moved to cyberspace and this is a threat to banks and customers. Banks are exposed to a range of threats such as DDoS, crimeware, phishing, smishing, fake "support calls" and traditional attempts at infrastructure hacking via the internet. 

As banks increase security and consumers use safer systems, criminals are forced to improve their approach for snapping up personal data such as MitID, card and account information.

The financial infrastructure in Denmark operates on several shared systems, in which financial and mortgage institutions are connected across the sector via data processing centres and payment and settlement systems. This structure involves interdependence and requires each participant to take responsibility for handling transverse risks in a secure and effective manner. There can be huge common consequences for the sector if there is a cybersecurity breach, which is a real threat to overall financial stability.

Financial standards for products, services and security must ensure that communication between financial institutions, companies and persons functions optimally. This means, for example, that a Danish payment card can be used while on holiday at a foreign ATM, or that companies can handle their financial transactions in the same way, whether it takes place in Denmark or abroad.

Finance Denmark participates in standardisation work within the financial sector, both internationally via ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and nationally via Dansk Standard. Participation ensures that Danish financial institutions are represented when standards are established. In this way, Danish financial institutions have the opportunity to influence the drafting of standards.

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