Our goal is to objectively and consistently assess candidates' chances of being successful in the job. Therefore, we use business psychology tests as a natural part of our recruitment process. Our tests cover problem solving abilities, competencies, preferred working methods, professional behaviour etc. We always give feedback to candidates who have completed the tests, just as there will be a dialogue about the test results at interviews.

We tailor individual hiring processes in relation to the position available and we typically hold two interviews. Student assistants and temporary staff will only be invited to one interview.

The first interview is about getting a good overal picture of the candidate by uncovering their qualifications and personal competencies as well as the candidate's motivation for applying to Finance Denmark. Based on this, we select who will go through to the next stage of the process.

At the second interview we use one or more business psychology tests completed prior to the interview as a starting point. We will discuss the candidate's strengths and work methods in relation to the requirements of the position and Finance Denmark's culture. In some cases the tests can be used in the first interview.

Prior to a second interview candidates will be asked to provide information about relevant references. References will only be contacted if the candidate has consented and approved in advance. When obtaining references we will seek to answer questions concerning the candidate's previous motivation, commitment, strengths, development and professionalism.

All applications are treated in confidence and only by the applicable employment committee. After the recruitment process all physical material is shredded. Applications are safely stored for a limited period and are deleted max. six month after the application deadline unless otherwise agreed.

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Finance Denmark is a business association for banks, mortgage institutions, asset management, securities trading and investment funds in Denmark. Our members are mortgage institutions, banks, savings banks, cooperative savings banks, Danish branches of foreign banks, asset managers, Danish securities dealers and investment funds.

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