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Rules for changing errors in the Danish Fixings

Rules for changing errors in the Danish Fixings

The premise is that errors are corrected in the system before the fixings are running. Among other things based on automatic e-mail alarms.

  1. Errors can be corrected if information is presented within reasonable time, so a new fixing can be released within one hour of the original fixing.
  2. Errors that are not corrected before the fixing runs will only be addressed if it changes the result of the fixing. Errors which do not affect the fixing result will only be changed at Finansrådets homepage.
  3. Errors that are not corrected in time for the running of a new fixing, within an hour from the first fixing, can only be corrected following the approval of Pengemarkedskomiteen. Furthermore, corrections have to be done intraday.
  4. All errors should be documented in the logbook of the respective bank. 


Contact NASDAQ

NASDAQ Trading Operation Stockholm
If technically issues that requires NASDAQ to quote on behalf of the member
To verify that quotes has been received by NASDAQ

NASDAQ Fixed Income Copenhagen
All other questions than the ones above including questions regarding the fixing procedure, alerts send by NASDAQ or possible errors etc.

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